Nick Thomas, Author

Nick Thomas

Nick Thomas is an advertising and marketing creative director, playwright, speaker and author. He has won over 90 national and international awards for his work in marketing and fundraising.

A passionate supporter of environmental causes, he has helped raise millions for Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, Campaign for Rural England and The Wildlife Trusts.

Born in 1958, he is a baby boomer and has three awesome children.

Would you kill to save your home?

The year is 2031, the world’s population is over 9 billion. Governments continue to dither as climate change ravages the earth. Global warming has risen above 1.5 degrees, vast tracts of the earth have become uninhabitable. Mass migration is causing fierce border fighting across Africa, Asia and South America. Fossil fuels remain the energy of choice for the USA, Russia, China, India and Australia.

Cull 2031 by Nick Thomas

Patience has run out, millions believe something more extreme needs to be done.

Our story begins with one of those millions – twenty-one-year-old Todd Shears, desperate to make his mark on the new climate revolution by killing the US president.

The moment kick-starts a sequence of actions as Reboot, a radical environmental group backed by the armies and security forces of over seventy nations, begin to implement the actions they deem necessary to save the planet.

Key to their strategy is cutting ruinous overconsumption by reducing human headcount by at least a billion. The axe is to fall on those deemed to have been the primary architects of the disaster; those born between 1946 and 1964. The so called baby boomers.

We track the dramatic events as they unwind across Australia, Brazil, Russia, China, Switzerland, Monaco, Norway, Sudan, Britain, the US, Vatican City, France, North Korea, the Pacific, and even Timbuktu.

We also follow the journey of geophysicist and baby boomer, Will Jameson. Jameson has just completed a mission to the fragile Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica and discovered a remarkable solution for halting the ice melt. He and his team have been away for ten months and know nothing of the apocalyptic developments that have engulfed humankind in their absence. When he finds out, Jameson embarks on a desperate fight to save his life, his family and his invention.

This novel asks fundamental questions: Faced with destruction should humans act as nature does? Should we reject sentimentality and adopt a new ‘ultra-pragmatism’? Should we implement the unimaginable? Should we kill the few so that the many might live?

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ISBN  9781800421691