Other work by the Nick Thomas

7 Times Table

“A great combination of drama, comedy and pathos.”

Tales of life, death, betrayal, greed, love, beauty and aliens. Including the stories of:

The struggling undertakers who take matters into their own hands

The boy who simply couldn’t wait for Christmas Day

An important moment at the Modern Art Museum

The first hours of a bloody revolution

The miner and his son who have some news for their family

The surprise party that ends badly for a crooked gang

The day the aliens came

7 Times Table by Nick Thomas

Open Garden

The British love to make their gardens beautiful and then show them off, especially in the Cotswold village of Bedlam on the Grange. Now that the pandemic is over, the village is making ambitious plans for its first Open Garden weekend in three years. Jenny Flowerdew wants to make lots of money for urgent church repairs, but little did she and her organising committee know that the event would tear their idyllic community apart.

Open Garden by Nick Thomas

Adventures In Charity Land

As a forty year fundraising innovator, Nick has won 90 awards and helped raise over £250million for good causes such as the British Red Cross, Christian Aid, Greenpeace, Médecins Sans Frontieres, National Trust, Royal British Legion, Salvation Army, World Vision and WWF.

In this book he reveals the serious (and funny) side of trying to make the world a better place and shares the secrets of his success. Illustrated throughout with successful case studies and results it will provide an invaluable reference point for budding charity marketers and fundraisers.

Adventures in Charity Land by Nick Thomas